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Mobility Solution: Rodos A.Ş

Project Details

Client: Rodos A.Ş

Time Frame: 1 Year

Main Service: AI

Year: 2019

Solution for Rodos A.Ş.

Artificial Intelligence Powered Car Sharing Application

At Sustino, we developed an AI-powered car sharing application designed specifically for Rodos A.Ş. This solution allowed Rodos A.Ş. to manage its existing vehicle fleet more effectively and provide a better service to its customers.

The application we developed analyzed vehicle demands using artificial intelligence algorithms and ensured efficient distribution of vehicles. In this way, users were able to rent a car when and where they wanted and travel more flexibly. In addition, reservations made through the application and user feedback helped Rodos A.Ş. to better manage their operations.

This solution contributed to Rodos A.Ş.’s successful adoption of technology, increasing customer satisfaction and strengthening its competitiveness in the sector. As Sustino, we continue to provide customized solutions to our customers’ needs and support their success.

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