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AI Training: Moroccan Ministry of Energy

Project Details

Client: Moraccan Ministry of Energy

Time Frame: 45 Days

Main Service: AI

Year: 2021

Training For Moroccan Ministry of Energy

Artificial Intelligence Training

As Sustino, we offered artificial intelligence trainings in the project we realised in cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Energy. This project aims to support digital transformation in the energy sector and increase the competencies of personnel in artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly important in the energy sector. AI applications such as data analysis, forecasting and process automation can increase energy efficiency and drive improvements in operational processes. For this reason, in our trainings for the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, we offer a wide range of content on artificial intelligence, starting from basic knowledge to advanced applications.

In our trainings, we aim for participants to learn how to use artificial intelligence technologies in the energy sector and to understand how to take advantage of the advantages of these technologies. With these trainings we offer to the Moroccan Ministry of Energy, we aim to develop smarter and innovative solutions in the energy sector.

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