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Data Mining Solution: Zeta Tourism

Project Details

Client: Zeta Tourism

Time Frame: 6 Mounth

Main Service: Data Mining

Year: 2021

Solution for Zeta Tourism

Improving Business Processes with Data Mining

As Sustino, we carried out a data mining project specially designed for Zeta Turizm. This project was developed to optimise Zeta Turizm’s business processes and enable it to make data-driven decisions.

The focus of our project was to analyse customer data to better understand Zeta Turizm’s customer demands and improve service quality. Using customer booking data, travel preferences, feedbacks and other relevant data, an in-depth analysis of customer behaviour and preferences was conducted.

Using artificial intelligence and data analytics algorithms, we gained important insights to optimise Zeta Turizm’s business processes. For example, by forecasting demand, we helped them manage customer bookings more effectively and improve service quality. We also increased customer satisfaction by providing recommendations to improve the customer experience.

Thanks to this project, the Zeta Tourism business has become more efficient and effective, and the ability to provide more personalised services to customers has been increased. As Sustino, we are proud to offer innovative solutions to improve business processes with data mining in the tourism sector.

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