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Data Mining Solution: Manama Local Government

Project Details

Client: Manama Local Government

Time Frame: 6 Mounth

Main Service: Data Mining

Year: 2020

Solution For Manamah Local Goverment in Bahreyn

Data Mining Solutions for Mobility Integration in Public Transport

As Sustino, we carried out a project in Manamah, the capital of Bahrain, to make urban transport more efficient and uninterrupted. In this project, it was aimed to integrate public transport with mobility vehicles and increase the efficiency of urban transport.

Using data mining techniques, we analysed city transport data in detail and developed solutions to optimise transport with the information obtained from this data. With integrated mobility vehicles, we enabled citizens and visitors to move around the city more easily and quickly.

This project aimed to strengthen Manama’s transport infrastructure and make urban transport seamless. As Sustino, we are proud to contribute to making cities more livable and accessible with our data-driven solutions.

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