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AI Training: Egypt Ministry of Education

Project Details

Client: Egypt Ministry of Education

Time Frame: 45 Days

Main Service: AI and Data Mining

Year: 2022

Training For Egypt Ministry of Education

Artificial Intelligence and Data Mining Training

As Sustino, within the scope of the project we conducted with the Egyptian Ministry of Education, we organised trainings on artificial intelligence and data mining. This project aims to support digital transformation in the field of education and provide students with a more effective learning experience.

Artificial intelligence and data mining have great potential in education today. The correct use of these technologies can improve student performance and provide better guidance to teachers. For this reason, in our trainings for the Egyptian Ministry of Education, we offer a wide range of content on artificial intelligence and data mining, starting from basic knowledge to advanced applications.

In our trainings, we aim for participants to gain a strong foundation in artificial intelligence and data mining and to be able to use these technologies effectively in educational processes. With these trainings we offer to the Egyptian Ministry of Education, we aim to encourage the use of technology in education and ensure that students are better prepared for the future.

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