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AI & Data Mining Solutions: Iraqi Ministry of Electricity

Project Details

Client: Iraqi Ministry of Electricity

Time Frame: 1 Year

Main Service: AI

Year: 2022

Solution For Iraqi Ministry of Electricity

Navigating the Sustainable Energy Future with Artificial Intelligence

As Sustino, we conducted a project supported by artificial intelligence in cooperation with the Moroccan Ministry of Energy. This project focused on reducing losses in energy distribution and optimising load distribution in transformers.

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, our project analysed data from the power grid to help identify where and why losses occur. It also included intelligent forecasting and management techniques to optimise load distribution in transformers.

Within the scope of the project, various measures were taken to improve the efficiency of the energy distribution network. These included optimising the network’s maintenance and repair processes to reduce energy losses, developing traffic management strategies to balance load distribution at transformers, and installing smart monitoring systems to monitor energy flow.

This project was an important step towards modernising Morocco’s energy infrastructure and improving energy efficiency. At Sustino, we continue to provide sustainable solutions in the energy sector with artificial intelligence and innovative technologies.

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