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Mobility solutions are innovative approaches that aim to make the transportation of individuals and goods more effective, efficient and sustainable. These solutions can be applied in many areas such as urban and intercity transport, logistics, public transport and personal transportation. Intelligent transportation systems, autonomous vehicles, bike sharing, traffic management and other technological advances aim to improve the quality of life of societies by making mobility solutions safer, faster and more environmentally friendly. These solutions offer the capacity for more effective and integrated mobility in urban planning, commerce and emergency response, moving societies towards a more connected, efficient and sustainable future.

Sustino Mobility


With our innovative approach, we offer specialized IoT and software solutions to meet the challenges posed by the mobility industry. These solutions, which we have developed specifically for mobility needs, provide companies with the infrastructure needed to create smart and effective transportation systems. Our company closely follows the technological evolution in the mobility sector and offers unique solutions to support our customers to stand out and become leaders in mobility.

In the mobility sector, we offer a variety of solutions to effectively manage and optimize mobility thanks to our IoT platform together with the unique software solutions we have developed. In this context, we develop software that can be used in urban and intercity transportation systems, logistics and transportation processes. We also offer special solutions for fleet management and tracking through our IoT platform, contributing to stakeholders in the mobility sector for a safe, fast and sustainable transportation future.

We offer tailor-made consulting services to companies operating in the mobility sector. Our experienced team has knowledge in various areas of expertise to understand industry-specific challenges and guide our clients towards innovation, efficiency and sustainability. Our consulting services to optimize mobility strategies, integrate new technologies and gain competitive advantage aim to help companies achieve a leading position in the industry.

Our company offers specially designed training programs for mobility industry professionals. Our experienced team of trainers closely follows the current developments in the sector and offers training programs with customized content. These programs aim to help companies increase their professional capacity and gain competitive advantage by focusing on the latest technology and best practices in the sector.

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