Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms have revolutionised the world of technology. These developments not only optimise existing business processes, but also pave the way for innovation and creativity, leading to the emergence of new solutions. Here are some of the new technologies that have developed with AI algorithms and transformed our world:

1. Advanced Data Analytics and Machine Learning: AI algorithms are used to extract meaningful information from large data sets. Machine learning makes predictions and optimises decision-making processes by discovering patterns in complex data sets.

2. Speech and Natural Language Processing (NLP): AI algorithms are improving their ability to understand and process human language. These technologies are used in areas such as virtual assistants, language translation and text analysis, facilitating communication processes.

3. Image Recognition and Computer Vision: AI algorithms can perform functions such as object recognition, face recognition, object tracking and automatic visual detection by analysing image and video data. These technologies are revolutionising many areas such as security and automation.

4. Automated Driving and Autonomous Vehicles: AI algorithms enable automated driving systems and autonomous vehicles by enabling vehicles to sense their surroundings by processing sensor data. These technologies shape the future of transport while increasing traffic safety.

5. Artificial Intelligence Applications in Health: AI algorithms are being used in areas such as medical imaging, disease diagnosis, drug development and personal health management, enabling a major transformation in the health sector.

These technologies, which develop with AI algorithms, are radically changing the business world, industry and daily life. In the future, a smarter, more efficient and sustainable world is expected to be created with the further spread and integration of these technologies.