In today’s business world, data has become one of the most valuable assets of many companies. However, effective analysis and use of this data enables businesses to gain competitive advantage. At this point, data mining comes into play. Data mining is an analysis method used to discover patterns, relationships and trends in large data sets.Strategic Decision Making Processes:
Data mining plays a critical role in supporting the strategic decisions of businesses. Through big data analysis and machine learning algorithms, companies can predict trends, understand customer behaviour and gain competitive advantage.Marketing and Customer Experience:
Data mining is an important tool in improving marketing strategies and customer experience. Analysing customer data enables the creation of personalised marketing campaigns, while understanding customer behaviour enables more effective delivery of products and services.Operational Efficiency:
Managing business processes in a data-driven manner increases operational efficiency. Thanks to data mining, businesses can gain valuable insights on issues such as inventory management, supply chain optimisation and improvements in production processes.

Innovation and Product Development:
Data mining accelerates innovation and product development processes. Analyses on customer feedback and market trends lead companies to develop new products and services.

Data mining plays an important role at every stage of business processes and enables companies to use their data as a strategic asset. As an international technology company, we clearly see that data mining is critical for businesses to grow and gain a competitive advantage.